Believe In Your Jogging Tips Skills But Never Stop Improving

Running is great. There are fewer things better than jogging on a nice, cool summer morning, enjoying the scenery and tranquility while your feet hit your dock.

Unfortunately, your body does not always agree with you, and many of us have discovered that our bodies sometimes rebel against the pleasant morning jog, and affect us in convulsions, pains, and toes when we go. Do not let this stop you from enjoying running: here are some running tips to help prevent these pains and discomforts and return to the place of things!

1) Eat bananas before running to avoid cramps

Cramps absorb, and some of us suffer more. Fortunately, there is an easy way to help reduce it: eat bananas half an hour before running to increase potassium in your system and help you avoid cramping.

Do not you want to eat bananas because it’s too heavy? There is nothing wrong with trying banana juice. If you do not like bananas, take multiple vitamins that contain magnesium and potassium, two supplements are known to help reduce the incidence of muscle cramps!

2) Relieve sore feet with a frozen bottle

If your feet always bark after running, try leaving a bottle of water in the refrigerator overnight. When you return, take off your shoes and roll the frozen bottle by your feet. The bottom of the bottle will provide a little touch to your painful feet, while the freezing of the frozen water inside will give you some relief, making you recover your feet without getting lost every time you take a step.

3) Make sure to heat and cool

This sounds like an unintelligent person, but many people do not do it or do not do enough. It is necessary to heat and cool every time you go to a sport. It is one of the best things you can do to relieve seizures or stress during and after jogging! Give yourself 10 minutes of warm-up and 10 minutes of cooling each time and you will see that you will then notice a clear improvement!

4) Do not obsess over your own rhythm.

Your rhythm does not matter so seriously! (Unless you are a professional runner, in this case, you may already know all these tips for jogging). It is not a marathon. Do not worry about whether your pace has increased by 2.4%, or if you can run faster than last week, or if your pace has slowed down a bit. Running at a comfortable pace does not leave you nervous or very broken after that!

5) Moisturize

You may think that you do not need to get wet while running, but most likely you have to! Drought is one of the biggest contributors to cramps and muscle cramps, and you should make sure your muscles get the water you deserve. Be sure to drink at least 12 ounces of water before running and be sure to drink a glass of water at one hour of your race. It may seem like a lot of water, but trust us: your body will thank you!

6) Running with a friend

It has long been observed that doing something with another person makes you more likely. To do it because of the positive reinforcement trend. You cheat on jogging days to stay at home when the weather is cool. Definitely … but not when your friend appears at the door of your house and trusts you to make up for the second part of the jogging team.

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