Believing These 8 Myths About Fitness Keeps You From Growing

I do not like to “train”, but I have these little rolls on my belly button – not huge, but enough to feel uncomfortable wearing a tight shirt. (Hello winter, the cold is approaching and I can finally cover myself with sweaters!)

So I started looking for exercises holding these love handles, and one of them stands out: the side panel.

The wha?

The side rail. This is a small, fast exercise that strengthens a muscle called “transverse abdominal”, a technical term that refers to the “deepest layer of the abdominal muscle”. In other words, the real core of your kernel.

The transverse abdomen surrounds the entire middle section, which means that it is the muscle located under the love handles. Tighten your cross and you will never feel embarrassed at the top of a pipe.

The side panel is perfect for pointing your side. So how does it work?

Step one: lie on your side. (Hey, that’s the easy part!) You should be facing the wall (not the ceiling or the floor).

Second step: lift the body off the ground. Balance on the forearm and on the side of the foot.

Third step: keep your body in a straight line. Tighten your abs. Breathe.

Step Four: Optional: To make this exercise more difficult, slowly lower the trunk to the ground, then raise it to the starting point.

Remember: it is more important to have exceptional speed. It is also more important to use a fantastic shape to maintain the basic axis rather than adding the 4th optional / advanced pass.

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