Don’t Waste Time! 5 Facts Until You Reach Your Brain

Everyone wants to improve. Whether they decide to follow up or not and are already improving themselves, most people can identify the areas they need to improve in their lives. Some areas of our lives are easier to identify than others, and sometimes the biggest obstacle to improving ourselves is discovering what needs improvement. If we do not see our blind spots, we can not correct the path.

It’s that easy

Most people are good at discovering when they lie to themselves. Sometimes, it may take some time, but finally, finally, he realizes the problem, recognizes it and begins to take measures to correct it.

However, there is one thing that most people find difficult about themselves. It is common to almost everyone, regardless of their country, age or creed, which is one of the most difficult defects to correct. In fact, even when you realize that it is difficult to change it. However, it is one of the most important faults in ourselves to correct if we really want to achieve a deep and significant improvement.

It is hard to admit that we are wrong.

Your first reaction to this may be the belief that this does not apply to you. You may think that you are someone who can admit that he is wrong, someone who can really evaluate and correct him, of course, when he is on the wrong path. But most likely you are not, especially because humans are strongly linked to the inability to see when they are wrong.

It is counterproductive and harms personal improvement.

These electrical cables are called inverse reverberations, and this is something that everyone falls prey to. Once we believe, we want to protect and care. We try to protect them from change, and we are looking for a piece of natural and instinctive information that reinforces what we believe and we are more willing to accept it correctly. Any information that is inconsistent with what we believe we are most willing to reject is false. This is called confirmation of bias, which is known as a psychological phenomenon.

Really Working

But here is where the counterproductive effect comes from. This is when the new information presented to you that is contrary to your current beliefs actually strengthens your situation. In fact, the new information duplicates your misinformation instead of changing your mind; in other words, it is counterproductive, giving a name to the effect.
Maybe you’re wrong

Above all, never stop thinking about the process and criticize it. Something that you think worked may not work. Do not keep doing that! You have the courage to open up to new ideas and admit that it is a mistake for you. No one is right from the start, even those who make mistakes, even the best ones can be wrong.

It is difficult to do that. Until now, knowing what I’m doing, I still find it hard to recognize that the things I thought were true were wrong. My mind constantly screams to protect the wrong thoughts, and to force me to think about the evidence that is in front of me and weigh it. Be it exercise, diet, commercial strategy or personal motivation strategy, you must be sincerely prepared to admit that it does not work and that you were wrong.

Fighting against the opposite effect and recognizing. The error is one of the most important ways to overcome that anyone can develop. It is also the most difficult, and many people live their entire lives without being able to recognize that they are wrong.

Yes, What about you? Are you brave enough to admit when you’re wrong?

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