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So here are 7 tips for dealing with a bad boss!

1) Find out why they are a bad boss.

This may seem obvious, but is there any reason why they are so terrible? Are they overworked, are they afraid of losing their job or are they afraid of their own incompetence? Putting yourself in your boss’s shoes is one of the first steps in discovering why they are bad at what they do. Perhaps what you would perceive as disorganized or lazy could be exhaustion or stress, and if you can find out what makes them a bad boss, you will discover how to handle them more easily.

Sometimes the solution to a bad boss scenario is simply empathy: find out what they are living and see how to reach it. If you can calm or reassure your fears, the situation could improve considerably.

2) Do not drag them on purpose

It is tempting to try to escape with the minimum when you have a bad boss or to try to sabotage them secretly when you can. Unfortunately, there is nothing to gain from this (except the unlikely scenario in which you are fired and where an extremely competent person takes his place) and it is better that you support them.

It may sound strange, but it’s the truth. It is likely that an incompetent administrator will take you with him if he begins to sink, and the older ones will not appreciate when they see your scorecard. If you can show that you have performed well despite your manager, then you have a much better chance of getting through the inevitable storm!

3) Be a leader for your colleagues.

It’s easier said than done, but if a bad boss is just not up to the task, he should do it. It must be configured as a meeting point, as the leader your boss should have been. Stay calm, calm, and help yourself at all times, and do not complain or meddle with your boss behind closed doors. It will not only boost morale, but it will also put you in a much better position if, unfortunately, but the situation also comes down to what he said, said the Department of Human Resources.

Continue to motivate your colleagues and guide them as your leader should. It will be easier for you to face your boss when the time comes. Speaking of …

4) Tell your boss what you and others feel.

It’s pretty simple, but most people never do it. They are afraid of their boss and the reactions they may have. So they suffer in silence, when in fact, it is possible that their boss does not even realize that he is a bad boss.

Some bosses do not really realize that their management style does not work. They may think that their harsh and cruel approach is what motivates their employees, or that their business management approach allows employees to work optimally. Some of them do not even begin to understand that they may be wrong!

Take the time to create a detailed, reflective, non-hostile email to spread your complaints and interests. Your boss may not take you to work well, but in fact, many leaders are open to comments and welcome them!

5) Close everything

A bad boss can sometimes be a sneaky boss. They will count the moon and the stars at the administration, complain to their employees, swear that they are doing their best – when they actually treat you badly and fail completely in their duties as managers.

But the fact is that you are not in contact with his superiors – he is. The side of the story they get every day is his story, so when they complain to them, they’ll already have an idea in their minds about exactly where the problem lies.

That’s why it’s important to document everything with a bad coach: every complaint you send must be sent by e-mail, and every answer you submit should be documented and saved. In this way, if things become intolerable and the case goes to Human Resources, you will get documents showing that your side of history is nothing but smoke and mirrors!

6) Do not scare

Of course, one of the worst types of bad boss is the harsh one. This type of clothing is welcomed by fear and submission to its employees, whether it is a kind of boss who cries, complains or is very dry, hilarious and persevering. These bosses are in a powerful kick, and anything you do will change that. I’m in for a good pay you around.

Do not leave them. Keep your head down and hold yourself to level. If the situation becomes unbearable, as it can be good, be sure to compare yourself with your boss with a list of complaints as in the previous step, but always with a wonderful head. If this does not resolve the problem, be sure to go directly to “HR” with your documentation. No one deserves to bear the weight of someone like this!

7) Leave in a smart way

Sometimes, with a bad boss, there is nothing you can do. I have tried all the previous steps and are unlikely to resolve the same situation. The only remaining option is to get up and go – but you make sure you do not move somewhere in an equal or worse place!

Be sure to do your research in any potential employer. Sometimes, this may be more difficult than it seems (for example, if the company is in a remote location or in a different situation) but it is certainly worth it, if possible. Ask to meet with your potential supervisor at their office and record the culture, including the degree of employee satisfaction. Sometimes you can discover problems before landing!

These are some of our suggestions for dealing with a bad boss. Do you have your advice? Share it in comments!

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