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How To Improves Ketogenic Diet ? Read Full Article (Updated 2019)

The results showed that the effects of the ketogenic diet on the rodent body were very similar to those of fasting and other dietary restrictions. For example, insignia signaling and gene expression have the same impact as fasting.

The Buck Institute team discovered that the ketogenic diet was used on a cyclical basis, alternated with the control diet. Prevented obesity reduced mortality with medium and to prevent memory loss in rodents.

“Older mice with a ketogenic diet had a better memory than younger mice, which is really remarkable,” says Verdin.

The keto diet can increase the concentration of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in the body. Which according to the researchers, improves the function of memory. According to Verdin, this is the first study that describes the beneficial effect of BHB. On the memory and lifespan of older mammals. “This opens up a new field in aging research because we believe that the health benefits of BHB can go beyond just memory,” says Verdin.

The memory effects were tested at the end of the ketogenic diet and the BHB levels returned to normal. Suggesting that the impact of the ketogenic diet was long-lasting.

“Something has changed in the brains of these mice to make them more resistant. To the effects of age, which leads us to the next phase of our work,” Newman said.

The researchers involved in both studies are enthusiastic about the fact that their findings are largely confirmed. Regarding the clinical implications, the authors hope that more research will pave the way for new treatments for age-related cognitive impairment.

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